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I am Rob Hassett, an attorney in Atlanta, and I provide legal services in the corporate, technology and entertainment areas.  I mostly represent creative people, many of whom   have or will become very successful.   In addition to this Website, I also created, own and manage:


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I am honored to be AMONG the HIGHEST RATED LAWYERS in:






 Georgia Tech

I have taught many classes in the Professional Education Program at Ga. Tech.


  Here is a recent press release about the upcoming 2016  Investment Day at SiEGE for which I am Co-Chair

For Immediate Release:

Entrepreneurs in  interactive media and entertainment are welcome to apply to present to investors at this event.
The Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo will host the sixth edition of its popular Investment Conference for entrepreneurs with the “next big interactive business” idea.
ATLANTA, GA. (Aug. 15, 2016) – The Georgia Game Developers Association today announced that it has eight openings in its Oct. 7 Investment Conference for creative entrepreneurs developing interactive and entertainment-based businesses. The investment program, sponsored by Tripwire Interactive and the State Tax Credit Exchange, and held as part of the GGDA’s flagship SIEGE conference, provides an opportunity to connect the interactive media and entertainment industries in Georgia, including video game and app developers, with interested investors.
All applicants can receive mentoring to improve their pitch. Applicants selected to participate in the Program make a presentation to a select group of more than 40 panelists consisting of angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, government officials and interactive media/entertainment professionals. All presenters can attend a one-day workshop with a panel of leading experts in up to 6 of the following areas as selected by the presenter: patent, copyright, trademark, entertainment, contract, corporate and private placement law, as well as taxes, marketing, sales, video game distribution, and management. Startups with no prior outside investors may win a cash prize of $1,000. Companies and individuals wanting to pitch can apply via:

Investment Conference

“We hope to continue to build on our prior successful programs by attracting more developers with cutting edge and compelling products and products that support health, exercise and education. We are also seeing a lot of interest in augmented reality, virtual reality and machine learning,” said Rob Hassett, an attorney at Gilson Athans P.C. and co-chair of the Investment Conference.
“We have three goals. The first is to help artists and developers become more savvy entrepreneurs. The second is to help entrepreneurs with a worthy business model obtain necessary funding. The third is to offer potential investors more choices and increase their likelihood of success,” Hassett said.
Jay O’Toole, a professor at Georgia State University and the other Co-Chair of the Investment Program, said, “Our aim is to bring in presenters who will entertain and excite our judges. That will lead to more investments and a higher percentage of successful investments that will help all of us.”

Presenters to date have included Rockin’ Finance, Cogent Education, Crank Media Intelligence, KerChunk Games,  Mpact Games and World’s Fastest Drummer.



There are more than 12 million views of YouTube videos of or about WFD competitions.

For more information visit http://worldsfastestdrummer.com 

Georgia Game Developers Association

I am the General Counsel  of the GGDA.

Here is a link to my slide show for GGDA’s annual Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game ExpoVideo Game Law Year in Review where I addressed the Apple vs Samsung case, Crowdfunding and the Tax Incentives available to game developers in Georgia.

Intellectual Property Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association

I was a founding board member of the Intellectual Property Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association.

Chair of ABA Subcommittee on Top Level Domains

I served as Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Section’s  Subcommittee on Policies for Managing Generic Top Level Domains of the Special Committee on Trademarks and the Internet during the 1998-1999 term, and the Chair from 1999 to 2001,

Other Boards

I served on the Board of Directors of SERIS,  a leading non-profit Internet organization at the time, as well as on the Board of Directors of IMAGE (now known as the Atlanta Film Festival 365), a  leading non-profit independent film and video organization in the Southeast.  I also served on the board and/or committees of the Georgia Chapter of the International Interactive Communications Society and the Southeastern Software Association.   I was the Chairman and co-founder of the 1995 Atlanta Interactive Media Expo.


I Have written many articles which have been published in a variety of publications including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Computer World, Business to Business Magazine, Fulton County Daily Report, the Atlanta Lawyer, Northside Woman Magazine and the Gwinnett Business Journal. You can access a list of (with links to) most of my articles that are about law by mouse clicking here.  I have given more than 75 presentations  about my areas of expertise.

Client Endorsements

To read client recommendations, see postings on Linkedin by clicking here.


I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.  While attending Georgia Tech, I was a co-op for the Georgia Power Company.  I attended law school at The University of Georgia, where I was a member of the editorial board of the Georgia Law Review and graduated cum laude.


I was a Co-Author of Volume 5 of Lexis/Nexis’ ten volume treatise entitled “Entertainment Industry Contracts.”  Volume 5 is about contracts relating to Interactive Media (such as video games) and the Internet.  By drafting many forms which helped set the standard for contracts in those industries, and receiving calls from subscribers to the treatise I had access to a lot of information.  


Internet  FORMS?


Rob Hassett

January 1, 2015

Clients often want to know if it is okay to copy an internet related form posted by a competitor.  It may be, but here is what you should consider in deciding whether to copy what I refer to as “Internet Related Legal Documents” (or “Internet Documents”) from other websites. Read More


My first video of a new video series about law for entrepreneurs is now available here.  In it I provide the minimum information any entrepreneur should know about trademark law.

This video, and more than ten others, are available on the Video Page of this Website.


(Should You Do It Yourself, Hire An Attorney or What?)

As is the case with a lot of areas of law, but more so than in most, protecting a trademark or service mark is a lot like playing chess.  

Read More


Any person who is adept at filling out forms and similar detailed work, like completing tax returns, and has the time to read about various applicable laws can probably do an adequate job of   protecting copyrights in, including filing applications to register copyrights in, most works including books, articles, songs, sound recordings and videos, created by  one person who also is the only owner of copyrights in such work.   If there is more than one author, more than one copyright owner, the copyright owner is not the owner of the copyright or the work includes computer programs or is otherwise interactive in some way, it is suggested that you hire a copyright attorney to manage copyright protection for applicable works.


MY Mission

My mission as an attorney is to facilitate the the creation, development, commercialization and distribution of technologically and creatively based works and services that help make the world a better place. 

Some of My Quotes

Our options have recently changed” usually means that the owners have not listened to their message and are not aware that their message  still says that.

“Important Changes to Your Account” means what is in the envelope or email is good for the sender and bad for you but it is not sufficiently likely to be important to you for you to object and the sender would not change anything if you did.

“We care about your privacy,” means the company wants you to think that they care about your privacy.

“Nothing is as important in life as having a good reputation and nothing affects one’s reputation as much as keeping one’s word.”

Favorite Quotes by Others

Yes, we all have free will.  The question is, can we will our will? A. Einstein

Dice have no memory.  A. Diaz

   © 1997 – 2016 Rob Hassett, Atlanta, Ga., All Rights Reserved



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